BTB25 on wheels 

The Lareka BTB25 is a versatile chocolate wrapping machine for artisanal production (up to 150.000 bars/month).

BTB25 on wheels

The BTB25 can be mounted on wheels which makes it easy to move around and access hard-to-clean spots.

This flexible machine wraps a wide range of bars and tablets in premium packaging styles.
• Perfect for premium chocolate bars and tablets.
• Big size range.
• Easy and fast size conversion.
• NEW: cardboard packaging

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Bars, Tablets, Napolitains | Automated Chocolate Wrapping

Lareka is the global leading supplier of chocolate packaging machines for premium chocolate bars and tablets. Our excellence goes way back. For over 40 years, Lareka has been representing smart packaging with care. The expertise and international experience our team has gained make Lareka able to do it all: develop, manufacture and overhaul of packaging machines according to European standards. Whether you are producing bean-to-bar chocolate in small batches or napolitains in huge numbers, Lareka can ‘optimize your packaging’.