21 May 2024

A new Director and Sales Engineer

Updated: 21 May 2024

Our evolution in the world of chocolate 

10 years ago, the concept of ‘fair’ chocolate was still largely unknown to the general public. Lareka recognised the evolving market and demand from chocolatiers for an easy-to-use high-end packaging machine that was capable of processing multiple sizes of chocolate bars and napolitains. Today, the BTB25 and NP60 enjoy an essential place in the production lines of bean to bar and artisan chocolatiers around the world. 

While we are proud of this fact, we also recognise that there are also missed opportunities. Some chocolatiers are still unaware that a customer-specific solution for their packaging challenges exists. With the aim of further strengthening our position and attracting even more people to our brand, our team has now recruited two new members. We would like to introduce you to Martin Barthel and Max Kessels. 

Our reinforcements 

Martin joined the company on 1 March as our new Director. He is taking on Henk’s position, who will still be closely involved with Lareka in more of a background role. Martin brings knowledge and experience to the table in packaging machinery, international trade and leadership. After working at Lareka back in the 2000s, he gained that experience at VDL, Kusters Engineering and NTS, among other companies. Fortunately, the Lareka DNA has lived on! 

The other addition to the Lareka team is a new Sales Engineer by the name of Max Kessels. As the youngest member of the Lareka family, he will be key in advising our clients with a fresh and creative perspective. 

The future 

Both of these gentlemen have now had two months to get better acquainted with the company, the people and the machine. You may have already been introduced to one of them! If that is not the case and you are curious to meet them, please feel free to contact us. They will be happy to make time for you.